Park Luncheonette


Despite being in plain view next to McCarren Park, I'm calling Park Luncheonette a hidden gem. Hidden because, in my opinion, it's underrated and one of the most satisfying brunches I've had all summer. Last Sunday, I was in my gym clothes grabbing coffee and running some errands, when I decided to abandon my responsibilities and instead gallivant over to Williamsburg for an impromptu brunch at Park Luncheonette and a relaxing afternoon at the William Vale. With only a street vendor banana in my belly, I arrived with a full appetite and ready to eat (a horse).

The restaurant is a quaint spot on the corner of Driggs and Lorimer that looks like a trendy remodeled Diner with a bar, booths, and tables inside, supplemented by a few wooden tables on the sidewalk. The brunch menu features six types of breakfast pizza rounded out by what at first glance seems like traditional American brunch - eggs any style, pancakes, sandwiches, salads. What you won't realize until the food arrives, is that it's about 30 times better than your "traditional American brunch." Park Luncheonette's menu is well crafted, the ingredients are fresh, and the flavors meld in just the right way to please each taste bud.


While perusing the menu, I was immediately intrigued by the Benedict bowl, but then Brooke and our friend Tyler both ordered it... For the sake of the blog, I had to try something else. I was also in the rare mood for a salad (probably provoked by the idea of being in a bathing suit post-brunch), so I ordered the Baby Kale Salad with avocado, toasted pecans, feta, and lemon Dijon dressing. I must say, both meals were equally satisfying. The Benedict bowl offers perfectly cooked mini potatoes covered in creamy, rich brown butter Hollandaise sauce, sauteed spinach, and perfectly poached eggs. The kale salad satisfies you in a much different way, crunchy and light with hints of salty pistachios and cheese with zesty lemon and Dijon.


I left Park Luncheonette happy and ready to kick back with a cocktail at the pool. When Monday came around, I was spreading to the word about my unexpected, delightful brunch to the office, the physical therapy staff, heck I should have told my subway car! but I'm here telling all of you, so that counts too.