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Woah! It's been two months since the last brunch review. Things have been hectic to say the least, and I've barely been in NYC on the weekends. BUT it's fall, the booked weekends are dying down, and I'm ready to get brunching again. I got started with Midwinter Kitchen, and you should too. I passed this restaurant on my way down 2nd avenue to San Marzano for a friend's birthday dinner and the rustic chic outside caught my eye. I added it to the always growing list in my phone notes, pulled up the menu, and decided I would be there Sunday at 10 AM when brunch begins. I didn't quite make it  by 10, but even at 11, it didn't take long to get a table for two (the restaurant doesn't take reservations for brunch). 


A little background. Midwinter Kitchen is a farm to table restaurant in the most pure sense of the term. It's named after the owner's farm Midwinter Farm where they sustainably grow the food served in the restaurant. According to their website, the menu features seasonal ingredients curated with the slow food movement in mind. What's the slow food movement, you ask? It's a global movement about linking the enjoyment of good food with a commitment to support local communities and the environment - something I can certainly get behind, especially after tasting how well curated Midwinter Kitchen's offerings really are. 

We started with the Grapefruit Mimosa and Midwinter Mary. While a grapefruit mimosa is typically just a grapefruit mimosa, the Midwinter version of a Bloody Mary is uniquely blended with a mix of garden herbs including thyme, basil, rosemary, and others herbs in the kitchen that day. Not only does this add character to the drink, but it keeps your tastebuds guessing. Brian and I agreed it's one of the best we've had. 


For our meals, we both were eyeing up the chickpea hash, until our waitress informed us that the biscuits are better than down south and the meat dishes are the way to go. We chose the Chorizo Biscuit and Gravy Skillet and the Braised Steak Hash and Eggs. She did not lead us astray. According to Brian, the biscuits are, in fact, better than down south. However, I'm partial to the Braised Steak Hash and Eggs. At first bite, I knew I wouldn't leave a drop on my plate. The steak is perfectly soft and flavored, the eggs poached to perfection, and the potatoes just the right level of crispy. I think I've mentioned before my continued disappointment with salads in the city and how the lettuce/spring mix is never as crisp and fresh as it seems to be in the suburbs. Well, not this morning. The fresh greens and light dressing put the finishing touches on my farm to table brunch.

The vibe at Midwinter Kitchen poses a comfortable, relaxing environment to go with friends, family, or a date. I'm adding Midwinter Kitchen to my list of places to take friends when they visit, and will be treating myself to their brunch again in the near future. I'm proud to support their efforts in sustainable farming and a family owned business. 

  5 forks for Midwinter Kitchen!

5 forks for Midwinter Kitchen!



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